National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum

If you want to get into the spirit of the American West, the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, located in the Adventure District of Oklahoma City, is where you need to go. This is the place in the United States to sample Western culture, art and history. With 10 million and more tourists from around the globe having already visited the museum and experienced the heritage of the West, you are sure to get a much better understanding of this important facet of American culture once you pay a visit.

The museum is home to a great collection of artifacts and art related to the West. The museum also sponsors educational programs and scientific research into Western subjects. Paintings, firearms, Native American objects, and historical cowboy gear are the highlights here. Tourists are offered great shopping and dining opportunities as well.

Events such as exhibitions and educational programs are lined up almost every time of the year at the museum. An ongoing exhibition till May 3, 2009 is “American Indian Mural Painting in Oklahoma and the Southwest.” It is a great opportunity to observe full-size murals as well as studies from artists including, among others, Archie Blackowl (Cheyenne), Acee Blue Eagle (Creek/Pawnee), Woody Crumbo (Potawatomi), and Tonita Pena (San Ildefonso Pueblo).

The museum is easily accessible from hotels in the Adventure District. Hotels in Oklahoma City arrange shuttle services for customers to important tourist destinations in the city. With Oklahoma being an integral part of the American West tradition, you can’t leave the city without checking out the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum.